Colour Loss treatment

Do you have a small area of bleaching or colour loss on your carpet?  We offer a very specialised service for the treatment of small areas of colour loss to carpet.

This service is time consuming and involves a delicate process.  It can and has restored many carpets that would have cost a significant amount to replace. Prices for this service are available on enquiry, and will require a visit and full assessment from our Colour Loss Consultant.

Moth Treatment

Moths can have a devastating effect on your carpets. You can literally see your carpet being slowly eaten away. The chemicals we use during our specialist moth treatment will kill the moth eggs and larvae in your carpet and could save you having to replace it.

Stain Protection Service

Carpet Protector Triple ShieldWhy not protect your carpets and upholstery from future accidents and spillages. Stain Protection makes the once absorbent material non porous, therefore preventing the spill from penetrating the fibres or fabric and causing a stain. By protecting your carpets they will benefit from a “triple action” that:

  1. Repels liquid spills, allowing you time to mop them up, to keep the carpet looking great for longer.
  2. Resists damage to the fibres giving you longer lasting carpets, which saves you time and money replacing them.
  3. Releases dirt and grit from the carpet making it easier to vacuum clean and keep healthy.

Not only will protecting your carpets make your home healthy and the carpets beautiful for years, but it will also make them easier to keep clean and save money from not having to replace them. This service can be offered following a clean as an extra, but can also be applied to brand new carpets or items of furniture.

Flood Restoration

Flooding has a devastating effect on carpets and floors, but calling our quick response flood restoration service means Mr Clean can get to work fast on cleaning up and drying before the water causes irreversible damage. We have many years of experience in public and commercial flood restoration work, and have dealt with many callouts during the the numerous times Uckfield has flooded over the years. All flood damage will require a full assessment before work can commence.

Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning is an essential part of caring for your leather furniture. Our cleaning process restores the look and feel of your leather safely, and without risk to your furniture. After vacuuming all the dust and loose dirt, we then clean the leather by hand using specialist leather cleaning products that clean deep down into the grain of the leather. It is very important not too over wet leather as it can go hard. Therefore carrying the work out by hand produces safer and superior results, and also ensures that your valuable leather furnishings are only made damp. When the leather has been fully cleaned and all the dirt particles and grease have been removed, we apply a leather conditioning cream. The conditioner maintains the moisture balance in the leather by replenishing the oils that it loses with age. Not only does this prevent cracking, and keep the leather soft and supple, but ultimately it prolongs its life. Finally the leather is buffed in order to further enhance its appearance.

We deal with the following

  • Clean, grey and black water flooding from radiators
  • Burst water pipes
  • Overflowed bath or sink
  • Washing machine/dishwasher or freezer breakdown flooding
  • Drying of wet carpets
  • De humidifying of rooms

Mr Clean removes

  • Dirt
  • Allergen
  • Stains of all kinds
  • Dusts
  • Skin and other particles
  • Pet hairs
  • Odours
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