Carpet Cleaning Service

All commercial & domestic cleaning is carried out with minimum disruption. When cleaning carpets in your home we take  maximum of care moving your furniture and possessions. Our clean removes dirt and breathes new life & colour into your carpets.

Eco friendly & Hygienic

As well as using premium carpet extraction detergents which give spectacular results on tough, oily and greasy soils, we also use powerful, yet natural PH neutral cleaners, which are bio degradable and leave your carpets with a clean fresh finish. Our hot water extraction cleaning system gives you fantastic results and fast drying times.  A solution of water with our cleaning agents is sprayed into the carpet pile and then sucked out by a powerful vacuum which recovers the water and any soil, dirt, grit, dustmites, allergens and bacteria from the carpet.

Not only will our clean leave your carpets looking refreshed, but they will also be more hygienic and healthy, which in turn prolongs the carpets life expectancy.

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